If you want to let people know about whatever service or product you’re selling, you can do far worse than setting up a viral marketing campaign.

1) To begin with, you have to become incredibly familiar with your product in order to succeed in viral marketing. Use this knowledge to position your product. Promote your product or services with a message that’s unique and interesting. You might also be able to develop a separate story that nonetheless grabs targeted traffic and gets the attention of your prospects. It all comes down to capturing their attention, and then bringing in some sort of “mystery” factor. That’s why it’s important that, even if your story is really mysterious and enticing, it still has that viral potential. In order to reach this, your product/service must maintain some amount of secrecy to allow for people to get involved. Keep in mind you’re not creating a sales pitch; this is an entire campaign you will want people to advance by word of mouth. As a result, exercise caution when performing your campaign; avoid the hard sell, as that will turn people off.

2. It is absolutely imperative that you get other internet folks hyped up and helping with your marketing scheme. Perhaps you can draw your visitors in with a fascinating game, or maybe generate interest through a quiz or some kind of cryptic puzzle. Motivate them to keep on reading, to check out what you’re doing. Make them find hidden codes or ask them to unlock secret parts of your site. In this global economy, your success is determined on the type of personal relationship you can develop with your potential customer and they will be able to help you build your business. This is the magic of viral marketing- once this starts happening, potential customers will spread the word for you. What really takes your advertising to the next level is the word of mouth generated by your innovative and exciting interactive ploys.

Tip 3 – Internet marketers have used PDF reports and eBooks for years to get prospects. Simple distribution of a free, high quality ebook or pdf report is a good option for advertising your product. It should be plainly stated in the publication that no copyright infringement or other restriction is attached to the book and they are free to share it. Presenting information in this manner gives it the appearance of a privilege and encourages people to share it on your behalf.

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