Due to the gold rush in social networking, social bookmarking has become an increasingly effective method of directing targeted traffic to your website or blog. When people see your vote on social sites such as Digg or Reddit, they’re pretty fascinated. Many times they will visit your site to see what you have going on and if you have anything interesting to offer. Bookmarking sites are similar to search engines in that people use them to find targeted information or are looking for a specific product/service. The huge difference between Google and social bookmarking sites is that the bookmarking sites are controlled by the users, not search engine bots. An article is rated based on feedback, meaning people vote for articles they find useful, share it with others, and the new reader votes for it. Therefore, social sites rely on the community to determine what is quality information and what is simply a waste. So if you’re going to utilize social bookmarking as a means of marketing your site, providing the proper information so that people find it interesting is crucial.

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