A Guide to Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a simple advertising strategy that involves placing your websites on the major search engines to attract the potential customers. Pay per click search engines offer a way to increase your visibility, and with clear focus and proper management, the search engines can offer some of the most economical and well targeted Internet advertising. Cost per click is the money that advertisers pay to search engines for a single click on their ad for each visiting customer to their website. This advertising model has no upfront cost, and you need to pay only after visitor clicks on your link, and that is why it is called pay per click.

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AdWords Pay per Click Advertising

PPC is a technique used by website owners in order to determine a way that they can charge their advertisers when internet users go to their websites by clicking on to advertisement banners on their websites.  The search engine and website owner are not involved in determining how much they are going to charge the advertiser, rather, he makes that decision himself. Google has recorded AdWords as its highest source of revenue and it is used in implementing the PPC technique. It allows banner ads and text advertising to a targeted audience using the pay per click technique. Since all that Google requires of people is the internet and creativity, this technique is now being used in many different parts of the world.

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