Twitter has become an increasingly popular aspect of many online advertisers’ strategies; it not only provides a venue to assemble a log of devoted followers, but it also simplifies ongoing communication with them. It all sounds great, and a good way to get positive results. But unfortunately, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can not only waste time but also negatively impact your reputation. You need to keep from making a few basic mistakes to make things go your way on Twitter.

The biggest mistake people make when using Twitter for promotion is to use it send out spam, tweets that will be ignored by the Twitter community due to their nature. Tweets may be short and uncomplicated, but there is a lot more to them than you might think. Think of them like the conversations you might have with a good friend over dinner. Members of Twitter are looking for that same kind of casual social interaction when they login. When they notice that they are being faced with spam, a sales pitch from someone they don’t even know, they instantly feel negative about it. Your tweets need to have a benefit for those on your followers list and shouldn’t be blatant sales pitches. Your tweets should be helpful and of some benefit to other people. Oc course, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a promotional aspect. Yes, you can but only after you’ve given them enough value. If you alternate between valuable ideas and some suggested products that you endorse, this will be received much better by the intended audience. Gentle persuasion from a guest come for dinner will always go further than a suit-and-briefcase salesman. Remember that most individuals prefer dealing with other individuals as opposed to corporations, and do not forget to personalize your Twitter presence. If you keep it real and give people helpful information, they will buy your products and services.

You will probably receive direct direct messages or replies from your customers; be sure to answer them personally. This is a blunder that makes it appear you care only about your own product, and gives others a poor impression of you. You have to let people know you have a genuine interest in the questions they ask, and reply in a proper manner. Again, it is your reputation which will suffer if you do not answer these questions promptly and intelligently. Understand your prospect and treating them with respect should be your top priority. Last but not the least; don’t forget the call to action. You goal is to use Twitter marketing to increase sales and expand your business. Your offer should be made at just the right time, when you show benefits to your followers. You have to make sure your prospective customer finds your product interesting before you’re going to make a sale.

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