Before venturing into automatic social bookmarking, it is important to understand what it is, to understand the differences between manual and automatic social bookmarking, to understand how and why it is done, and to understand the common mistakes people make and how they can be remedied. People who want to optimize their websites use social bookmarking. This is called search engine optimization and it is important because when the PageRank of a website is high, the website will appear in the first page of the results list. This is important because most surfers only click on what is on the first page of the results list and the increased visibility increases hits and consequently, the profits. Most surfers think that the results in the first page of the results list are better than those in other pages, although this is not true.

Manual social bookmarking is very time consuming because a single submission can take as much as five minutes. There is a risk of the account being banned for spamming different social media sites with the same details. This means there is need for slight variations in the details and this might take hours. This then necessitates the need to change details, which could take a long time. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are coming up with new methods of ranking sites and pages and automated social bookmarking is one of the few available options to beat the system. Automatic social bookmarking has other advantages over manual social bookmarking such as low costs since there is no need for as many employees and it is convenient and easy to use.

Automation in social bookmarking is achieved with social bookmarking software. The software makes the process seem natural to social networking sites and this means your account/s will not be blocked. You should go for software that has been tried and tested by those recommending it to you and one that is guaranteed to protect your site from being blacklisted. The software continuously creates different profiles and posts pages to the sites. There are several mistakes that people make with automatic social bookmarking and you should know them so that you can avoid them. You should not only bookmark your website’s URL – create links to all your pages. Do research on automatic social bookmarking before you venture into it.

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