One of the best aspects of the internet is its ability to allow people to share information with each other – and one of the best ways to do this is to use bookmarks to save a page to come back to later. It’s an invisible mark on a webpage that saves itself to your browser so that you can go back to it when you want to without having to remember the website’s actual address. But most people don’t realize that it’s not only possible to save bookmarks on the internet but you can now share them with others interested in the page’s information as well. As people do more research on social bookmarking, it becomes apparent that using social bookmarking sites is one of the best ways to share information – and to obtain information as well.

Passing along information is becoming increasingly easy in today’s technology driven world and social bookmarking is part of the reason why. When someone makes a bookmark on a social bookmarking site, they are also able to do something unique – they can give the bookmark a special description that tells others what the site is about and why it’s a good site to visit when you’re looking for information. These social bookmarking sites also allow something called “tagging” – you can apply a word or phrase to a page, such as “recipe” or “video”, so that it’s easier to narrow down amongst other bookmarks. Most social bookmarking sites also have networks – groups of people who are bookmarking and sharing similar sites; this also allows the groups to share bookmarks privately rather than publicly.

The concept of social bookmarking isn’t new – the seeds were planted in 1996, when the website known as iList was first launched. Over the course of the three years after that, more and more companies started cropping up, each focused around social bookmarking and each one added a little extra something to the mix. But when the website known as Delicious in 2003, the concept of social bookmarking truly blossomed – it was Delicious that truly revolutionized the tagging system and coined the term “social bookmarking.” Delicious truly revolutionized the tagging system, allowing people to use “cloud tags” – or categories – and then put tags into these tag clouds, linking groups of related things together.

This system has many advantages. They can be searched for keywords so people can find bookmarks saved by total strangers, which cuts down the amount of time people spend searching for the perfect website. And the system itself makes navigating sites easier, since clicking on a specific tag gets rid of all unrelated tags. Being able to do this helps both friends and total strangers share information about all manners of things.

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