The hardest part of setting up an online business is often not so much the creating of the website. Having a great website is fine, but to make money from it you need to have traffic – people coming to it. A huge proportion of information on the internet is obtained by the use of search engines and making use of the search engine optimization steps given here will help you to get good search rankings and drive more visitors to your site.

The most basic of all the search engine optimizations steps is to find the words that people use when searching for what you have to offer – these are the keywords and are at the heart of all search engine optimization. Remember that the keywords you chose and use should be relevant to what you are selling – just because “sex” is a popular search term that does not mean that a site devoted to gardening can fill up the text with “sex”. It will, in fact, anger people because they will know they have been tricked into coming to the site and there is nothing to be gained by getting a bad reputation. Some parts of your text like the title, headers and sub-headers are given more importance by search engines so ensure that your keywords are used in them.

The meta description of your website – the few words about it that appear below the link in the search results page – must have you keyword in it. This is very important as these words will influence whether a person clicks your link or someone else’s so ensure the keywords appear here.

The more links you have to your site, the better will be the search ranking so look for opportunities to place links on blogs, other websites and ezine articles, etc. If you are good at creating content, start contributing articles with links to your site to ezines and, if you can, start writing blogs with links in all your blogs. The websites, blogs and articles that carry your link should be of relevance to your site because you want the attention of people who have interests connected to your site.

Keep searching for your website and track where you come in the results and tweak your optimization settings to bring you higher. This is a trial and error method, but with patience you will soon get the hang of it and find your ranking improving.

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