The essence of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is understanding that PPC is basically system of buying advertising space on search engines; in some ways it’s like trying to be able to place your ad on prime time TV. Just as in TV and other forms of advertising, how much you pay for the ad space depends on how good it is – front page newspaper ads cost the most. A search result page is divided into two types of results – the general ones that appears appear based on relevance or popularity and the attention grabbing ones placed on a different part of the page and these are the ones you are paying for as part of your Pay Per click Campaign. It is these “special” results – the ones that are noticed fist – that are PPC listings.

Since the PPC listings are the ones that draw immediate attention, they are the ones most likely to be clicked by the viewers. That is what you are paying for but even here, not all PPC listings are the same – the ones at the top of the PPC section will get more attention than the ones lower down, although this is still more than the general results will receive. Just like paying more for an ad on the most popular pages of the newspaper, you will need to pay more for a PPC listing that is high on the list – the higher up, the most expensive it will be is the thumb rule of  Pay Per Click campaigns .

The benefit of  Pay Per Click campaigns is that  you do not pay a fixed amount; instead you pay the search engine the agreed amount for each person who clicks on your link and visits your site. You need to keep in mind that Pay Per click campaigns will only bring visitors to your site and visitors do not all buy – PPC brings people to your site, but selling to them is up to you. Pay Per Click campaigns have the advantage of being very targeted and allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of the listing – you will know how many people clicked the link and how many of them bought from you. You will therefore be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaign and if the money spent is bringing more business it may worthwhile spending more and getting a higher listing and if the results do not justify the expenditure, you can stop and use the money elsewhere.

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