The internet ifs full of websites and ezines articles offering to tell you all the list building secrets you need to know but most of these “secrets” are useless, many relate to specific lines of business only and only the remaining few may be of some use to you. Here are some basic list building secrets that you can use to get started – modify these to suit your own circumstances as every business is different. Begin by forgetting everything you have ever heard about the importance of building huge lists – there is nothing to be gained by having a list of 10,000 email addresses if 9,900 of them will never buy from you. However, a smaller list of say 500 names, the majority of whom are potential customers is something of much greater value – you will know for certain what your market is and can develop better strategies to sell to it.

To build up your list create a squeeze page that offers a free download related to your line of business to those who will leave their email addresses – people who do this are people who have an interest in your products. Once you have email addresses, make sure that you regularly send them content of quality that addresses their interests so that they are constantly reminded that you exist and that they can buy from you because you are as reliable and your products are of the same high quality as your communications with them. Once you have established a relationship with those on your list, you can start asking them for references – many will not respond but those who do will be the ones who see value in what you are offering and would like to give the benefit of that value to their friends – their recommendation will mean that half your selling is already done before you even send them your first mail. Never be satisfied with the information you have; after you establish a regular mailing list, discretely try to find out more about those you are mailing – it will help you to refine your selling techniques. Use surveys and opinion polls to get the information you want without appearing to be nosy.

You can pick up ideas on your competitors list building secrets by joining their mailing lists under another identity – why re-invent the wheel if they have List Building ideas you can use? But keep mind that the most important of all list building secrets is not to worry about the size of your list but about how effective it is in getting you business.

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