If you haven’t heard already, SEOLinkVine is supposed to be the most amazing thing ever produced to rescue you from your SEO and backlink problems. Brad Callen developed SEOLinkVine, and the amount of buzz and hype it is getting makes this software sound like it really could be the solution. Naturally, the perfect software solution for anything will never exist, but we wanted to investigate the matter to see exactly what it can do for online marketers. Our results came as a bit of a shock to us. SEOLinkVine does seem to be able to back-up its claims, and we’d like to discuss that further with you.

One thing we saw, early on, is that SEOLinkVine is more than an article submitter. You’ll use the built-in content spinner to add your content to SEOLinkVine’s network using the tags you create. This means that each submission will be unique. With other applications, each article tends to be submitted to multiple sites, and then you’re running the risk of being seen as an article spammer, or it’s treated as duplicate content. SEOLinkVine has the ability to completely remove those risks. Brad states that all is needed is to create your content and load it into SEOLinkVine. Then the program takes over from there. But you’ll still need to write the original articles, SEOLinkVine won’t do all the work.

You have to use the right tags so that the software knows how to spin your content (to avoid duplicate content penalties). You do need to submit to the correct categories for your content. The authors make it very clear that while the software will take care of a lot of the work; it won’t do all of the work for you.

The content editor in this software is top notch. You can manipulate text effects such as bolding, font change, and italics which is very useful for blog content, or content sites. These particular features are not always found on similar programs. This will allow you to lend your own style and uniqueness into your articles and content. That’s a cool extra bonus feature you won’t get in too many places. Online marketers have many concerns and issues to deal with. Building backlinks and SEO are among the largest of these concerns. If you want to find more time to do other things, then SEOLinkVine will help you so you can create more products, or attend to more marketing duties. It certainly looks like a great time-saver on our end so you may find it well worth checking out.

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