Free Mass Traffic Review

Free Mass Traffic is a product that was created through the work of popular online marketers Chris Allen and Adeel Chowdhry.   They say this software product is an excellent choice for anyone trying to maximize traffic to their websites.  Free Mass Traffic Software is available for only $37 and you could start almost immediatelyto get unique site visitors. Also, once you sign up you’ll also have special deals on other upsell products that you may like.   Although all this appears great on the surface, how do we know that the program really works?

Free Mass Traffic is essentially a product which is made from various submitters, all rolled into one product.   These submitters range from the Mass Directory Submitter, the Mass Social Submitter, and the Mass RSS Submitter and Ping. After downloading the program you will be able to quickly install everything.  If you run into any problems through the setup process, there’s a useful installation video that will help you troubleshoot.  It’s highly advisable to watch the three video lessons to review the ways you can use the product.  Once the software is installed you’ll be able to learn how to use it to bring people to your website.

Of the submitters, the Mass Directory Submitter has a comprehensive directory list to submit to. You can submit to these sites with just one click.  For the Mass RSS Submitter you need to include the RSS for your site within the required form prior to another one click submission.   The Mass Social Submitter takes a while to set up as first of all accounts need to be created inside the social sites that you’ll be submitting to.  However, all this can be achieved with the program’s assistance and you can feel comfortable knowing that all submissions are being handled efficiently.

We have to say that just as with every software products available, there are advantages and disadvantages to  it.   The Free Mass Traffic is one of the best choices for new internet  marketers. Advanced marketers are possibly going to want to use software that’s more complicated and much more expensive.

Free Mass Traffic Advantages

Free Mass Traffic is very user friendly and straightforward to understand and it is excellent for newbies learning the ropes.  It is very affordable at only $37. You can quickly break captchas and there will also be proxies which are supported.  Users will also like the  excellent submission completion report that can be analyzed.

Free Mass Traffic Drawbacks

Nevertheless, more experienced internet marketers will prefer to submit to a larger number of social sites and RSS sites. Additionally, the software does not appear to support the addition of new websites to the list it already has.   As stated before, it can be time consuming to have to create accounts for all the social sites before you can use the Mass Social Submitter.

In reality it is probably going to take a bit more than a piece of software, no matter how good it is,  to get your website ranked consistently at the top of the serarch engines in most cases. However you have to start somewhere and, all in all, Free Mass Traffic is value for money for the one-off price charged and will be useful to many new and intermediate internet marketers. It comes with a 60 day money back gurantee so it is certainly worth trying it out when you have nothing to lose.

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