Your squeeze page/lead capture page can prove to be one of the most effective tools to grow your online business.

The main thing that lead capture pages are used for by online marketers is to get information like email addresses from visitors that may be prospective clients. This is a long standing strategy that can been used to populate email lists and offer for sale your various products and services. Once you have a list of visitors who have agreed to receive emails from you you have a couple of real benefits that will help you increase your sales.

Let’s start with this one: Those visitors who subscribed to your list have given you clear permission to contact them via email, you’re not spamming them.

The other great thing about that list of contacts is that you already know what each one of them is interested in so they’re easy to market to.

The rate at which your business will expand is directly influenced by how quickly you build your list of subscribers. So how do you go about making subscribers of your site visitors at that squeeze page? We will be talking about the strategies you need to know in order to get optimal results from your page.

You must have a precise and overt call to action on your squeeze page that leaves no doubt in the mind of your visitors.

Keep in mind that Internet users come with varying degrees of online experience, which means you should not assume everyone knows how to sign up for a list. To be placed on your list, you will need to instruct them as to what they must do. Be very direct and provide very detailed instructions about the information needed for the process. Your call to action should be clear and understandable to every visitor to your site, no matter their level of comprehension, so be sure to keep it simple. From the very start your call to action must be a part of your content and continue to grow in clarity as the page progresses to the all important opt-in box.

Let them know that they must submit their contact information in order to get the free items you are offering, making sure you emphasize these perks. You may also want to alter the location of the opt-in box on the page to see which areas yield the best conversions and which are ineffective.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that there should be no outgoing links or ads on your squeeze page. There should only be two options for those who land on your squeeze page: to immediately move on or to be intrigued enough to subscribe. Any other points of exit will only serve to cause a distraction. The opt-in box should always be above the fold when visitors come. You might lose a great prospect if the box is not easy to find. The user should not have to scroll down your page to find the name/email address fields. A clearly visible above the fold opt-in box will increase your website’s conversion rate.

You simply have to use the right methods to get the most out of your squeeze page. Pay attention to your squeeze page so that you can develop a list of targeted subscribers – you’ll be pleased with the long-term results.

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