Banner ads are a marketing tool that has stood the test of time. They have generated many millions of dollars in profits for a large number of businesses. A banner ad is an advertisement for your business that usually consists of a visual image and some text. This has become a proven form of advertising that turned out great results. Your banner ad can be about anything – a current product you have, a discount, a sale, an event or anything that’s related to your business. Remember, the goal is to drive traffic and the more eye catching your ad is, the more clicks you will enjoy. I will give you some useful hints in this article on ways to increase the effectiveness of your banner ads in promoting your business.

When you’ve decided to do banner advertising, don’t waste time and energy on banner ads that are not going to be easily understood. You really need to keep your banner ads simple and uncomplicated. Remember that the majority of folks won’t spend more than 2 seconds looking at the banner, so it’s vital you grab their attention without causing them any confusion. Banner ads are like a call to action in words and pictures that tell a potential customer/client exactly what you want them to do. Using simple and direct wording you will be able to get the customer in the right direction, this can make all the difference. Certain words promote action and get the attention of viewers in an instant. Words such as; sale, discount, free, change, no shipping, well you get the point. Being honest is the most integral part of a banner ad, or any ad for that matter; do not put in anything in the ad that you will not be providing on your website – it will be noticed.

In addition to the things we’ve already looked at, the font may be one of the most important touches to your banner ad. Fonts can have a really big influence on the reception your ads get. If you choose a font that people have to decipher, the viewer will quickly lose interest before they even see the offer you have for them. You’ll want all of the banners you put up to be crystal clear. For instance, if you were to use a font in blood red on a black background it could be really difficult to make out. Maybe you want to use a bright red color for your lettering and adding a white border around the lettering could make it stand out even more.

A lot of advertisers often forget to checkout the terms of service on whatever website they plan to be running their banner ad campaign on. They are usually pretty clear on what they consider acceptable advertising and what they don’t. There are many web services out there that will not allow flash banners so you will need to keep that in mind when looking. However, you should be aware that most all of these companies tend to have restrictions on the actual “file size” for your ads. These are all the steps you must take before even creating a banner. Be aware of the importance of putting in the time and effort needed when you’re working with graphics throughout the process of creating a banner ad. You want an ad that is dynamic in what it has to say but easy on the viewer’s eyes plus it needs to give the right image about your company/product. Of course, most of this is applicable only to ads that are not text centered. When working on a text only banner ad, your focus should be directed to the creating of a tag line that will draw interest from many viewers.

In summary, banner advertising is an effective means to attract customers and increase your business. It’s important to remember to do it right the first time and include all the elements necessary to have a successful campaign. All advertising channels require effective experimenting to determine a successful approach, and banner advertising is no exception. Go ahead and try it – You can’t really lose.

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