The majority of people do not have any concept about what is possible with affiliate networks, and we really are speaking about the range of effects.

Any experienced internet marketer will tell you that while you’re still learning to master internet marketing, the simplest way to earn some cash is via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing makes it much easier to learn all about the system because you’ll actually be applying it and you can earn a little money while you do so. Some people build a full time income and never move on from Affiliate Marketing due to the success they find with it. The question is: how can you follow in their footsteps? The first thing you need to do is to become part of a good affiliate network. We’ll be looking at some good affiliate networks as well as ones you have to avoid.

The Amazon Associates Program is considered the best affiliate network on the internet and there are plenty of reasons for this. Think about it-you can choose any product that you want to promote and earn a commission from it. You aren’t forced to sticking to internet marketing products or information products. Amazon affiliates, also known as Associates, have access to a great support system that the company has put a massive amount of work into. There are lots of associates you can work together with while you are learning the ropes and you can get your questions answered by the people the company has on call for you. What’s even more essential is that their payment practices are excellent.

Chitika is an enormous network on its own, but one of the larger parts of their program is Chitika Linx. This program identifies keywords within site content and links those keywords to related products.

You earn commissions every time someone buys a product after clicking through from your links. It’s nice because you don’t have to pick the products; the system does that for you. However, it can also be a bad thing as it assumes your website is established and you’re adding new content regularly. When you want to monetize something you have already built, this can be a good way to do that. However, if your site is only new this won’t help you much.

New affiliates might find ShareaSale to be an excellent starting point.

The ShareaSale system is really addictive, as you’re able to see your commission earnings happening in real time. It’s really easy to get started. You pick something to promote. You promote it in whatever way is easiest for you (blog, article, email, whatever). You get paid commissions any time someone clicks on your link and buys that product. Log into your account to see your stats in real time for any of the products you promote. They also enjoy a good reputation for paying on time which makes them a great place for beginners to learn the system.

There are lots of great and terrible affiliate networks you can join.

Some of these enjoy quite high rankings and have got fantastic reputations. Others are widely known for being scam artists and getting people to work for pennies. You won’t be able to tell the difference until you do a little research. We’ve given you a good start here, with some research you’ll turn up plenty more information.

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