Google Adwords is a proven and highly effective advertising tool that is designed to funnel targeted traffic to your site. Adwork works not just for making sales, but for generating leads,and testing new offers as well. You can sell anything from all over the globe, and you can sell it to a specific group of people by choosing the country, state, and the town they live in. But, If you get started without becoming prepared for your campaign or doing some research on the subject, you will end up making some big mistakes that will hinder rather than help you. In the following article, I will describe 3 misktakes that people often make when they use Google Adwords.

1. Not Taking Time To Do Accurate Market Research

Google Adwords can take off in a hurry and if you’re not using this marketing tool carefully it can get rally expensive and end up costing you money rather than producing a windfall. You could deplete your marketing budget in a single day or just a couple of hours if you get a big ratio of clicks that don’t realize themselves as sales. However, if you bring down your daily budget, you’ll only be spending a specific amount per day and keep collecting vital data about your campaign over a long period of time. Using this data you’ll be able to further increase your knowledge about your campaign and its performance. You’ll have the data you need to make choices that will make your campaign more efficient and lucrative. Which is why it’s crucial to set your daily budget to an amount that’s not too high or too low.

2. Bid More Money On The Number One Spot

It just makes a lot of sense to aim for the number 1 position for your chosen keywords, that’s where you want to be. However, this is not where you want your ad to be when using Google Adwords. When searching a topic, almost everybody clicks on the top result, whether it is what they are seeking or not. That means there’s a very good chance your visitor is not an interested buyer. Since you’re paying for your ad on a per click basis, you are losing money on every hit that doesn’t convert to a sale. The best positions to be in are the third and fourth ones, because people who get that far will be more serious and targeted on the object of their search. In addition, a lower position in the search rank line up means lower CPC costs. Be smart when you’re bidding for keyword position. Time spent carefully planning your placement strategy will maximize profits while reducing your CPC expenditures.

3) Not Focusing on Your Landing Page

There is a reason people click on your ad. They are looking for a specific need to be fulfilled and your ad met that requirement because it had the right headline and a targeted copy. But what after that? If the prospect finds himself on your homepage, he may not know where to go next for the actual product. He wouldn’t find the connection between the ad and your home page. Setting up a landing page for each specific ad in a Google Adwords campaign is absolutely crucial to your campaign succeeding. A successful landing page needs to have a strong headline that relates directly the the content of your ad. For the highest level of success, try testing out several different landing pages to find the one that performs best for you. Taking the time to visit these pages will increase your comprehension of how to run a successful ad campaign and become profitable with your online business.

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