It is pretty incredible how much of a difference Google Adsense can have, of course you have to consider certain factors.

Need to monetize your website or blog? Google Adsense can help you do this quickly and effectively. It’s simple. You put a snippet of code somewhere on your blog and suddenly there are text based ads (or sometimes graphic ads, depending on your settings) on your site! For every ad that gets clicked on, you get paid something. Sounds very simple, yes? To be clear, it is not that simple. Earning a living with Adsense can be difficult to accomplish. The permanent removal from the Adsense system is something that many people have faced and experienced. So what other alternative is there?

Here are some Google Adsense Alternatives that might interest you.

Although not too many people use this network (more people should), Infolinks is a possible replacement for Adsense. Specializing in what is called “in text” advertising, it sounds like what it actually achieves. It is able to create text-based links within your content, using the words and phrases that it finds after it crawls your site. By simply hovering your mouse over the link, a box will pop up with an ad in it. This is a great way to publish contextual ads without having to set them up yourself. You can also use other advertising services in concert with this, which makes it nice, and comfortable, to use this network. In fact, it makes a nice compliment to any other monetization methods you might be using.

A popular advertising network, Bidvertiser, is utilized by many site owners and bloggers today. It is often listed as one of the top alternatives to Adsense that people can use. This is a great alternative for publishers because you have the freedom to choose add size and the types of ads that you run. They offer what is called “free design”, a component of the advertising network that lets you choose the most useful ad dimensions for your website. The system also offers a conversion bonus and a money generating navigational toolbar.

If you want to try something new, then you will need to give a look at Exit Junction. One plus about them is they are not so tight about being used with other network ads. Their name says it all, Exit Junction, and their ads are only noticeable when someone is exiting your site. If you want to get an idea and gauge reaction, then take a few pages on your site and implement them. As you see, you have strong alternatives and choices apart from Google Adsense. When you are not locked into using one network, then that is the best thing in the world. So never think you have to stay with Google Adsense because that is no longer true. These alternatives are very easy to find, and Google will help you find them.

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