Making money on Google used to be much easier when there was less competition as opposed to how it is today. This is because people are more aware of their chances of making money on Google and are willing to try it. People who have busy websites that generate much traffic have much higher chances of making money as opposed to other users whose websites are not as busy. Users can use Google Adsense to make them money because it places advertisements that are related to their content and visitors have a higher chance of clicking on the adverts because they are related to what they are looking for. Google search engine looks for all the advertisements that will be placed on a website meaning that the website owner does not have to worry about it.

Getting traffic to one’s site is just about the most important strategy that website owners can learn to ensure that they make as much money as possible from Google. This can be done gradually by starting with just a few people such as friends and family. Affiliate links can also be added on the website to ensure that visitors from other sites visit the website. Another Adsense strategy that works is making the adverts blend in to the website easily to avoid the site looking like an advertisement agency. Website owners can customize the adverts to blend in to their site using templates designed by Google. Website owners can also add pictures and other text to attract visitors to click on the advertisement. Owners have a chance to make the advertisements appear exactly as they would like them to.

Another Adsense strategy that works is filtering the number of URL’s that can be directed to the website. This way, website owners can block advertisements that they do not want and those that might draw visitors from their sites and into the competitor’s website instead. Website owners get paid for every click an advertisement gets from their page.

The amount of money paid differs from one company to another based on agreed terms with Google. When Google gets paid high rates because of the high traffic generated to a website, the website owner also gets part of that high income. The amount of money generated on a website can be improved using good Adsense strategies.

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