Every publisher wants to have the right guides to making the most out of adsense. There are many resources that will have pointers that provide good advice. However, many books and guides will have information that might not offer you any help. You have to be aware and know how to weed out poor information and get the one that will help you with google adsense. There is really no other way to know the good guides but by testing them out. It is only wise to give the different tips a chance and see what they can really do for you. The following guides have been fully tested and can work for you today.

If you are looking to get the most out of the adsense program, you have to start with how you choose to position your ads This is because ad placement is the key factor that will determine whether the readers are seeing it well. Ad formats are also important and there are those formats that perform better than others. Make sure that readers get to see your ads as they read your articles. The best locations are above, below and besides posts. With adsense, you have up to 3 units to place on your page and this is how you should distribute. Consider including a large rectangle for your ad format because it works great.

When it comes to optimizing your ads, you need to consider colours as well. The blue colour for links is advisable because the audience will always link blue with links. Many insist on having the ads blend with colours on the site and this is not bad. However, this does not automatically mean that readers will not identify Google ads because they will. Just make an effort to have your ads and site match because harmony has to be maintained for professional sites. The full wide banner kinds of ad are worth trying out and see if the results are good.

The best thing you can do to enhance the performance of your ads is to build traffic. You need to have a strategy that will have you use tools to see to it that people are viewing your site. Look at other pointers on adsense and learn. There are many strategies that you can employ to attract more people to your site. Invest time in looking for ways to build traffic to have people coming in and coming back. Different methods can work together to make your site go to greater heights with this regard. People are also advised to keep on building new sites to maximize their income with Google adsense. With the above free tips, it is good to learn through experience and know which direction is best.

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