An advertising technique that was developed by Google is Adsense. Google Adsense was designed to make website owners benefit by placing advertisements on their sites and make money out of it. Because the adverts placed there are directly related to the content on the website, there are higher chances of users clicking on the adverts. Website owners make money when Google places their advertisements on their sites where visitors can easily access them.

Google has also designed a technique where internet users can publish magazines and make money doing it. This technique works very well because all users have to do is set up an account and they will receive an email to welcome them to Adsense and they can start making money almost immediately. Internet users can choose whatever topic they want to write on. Due to this, internet users can enjoy doing what they like best with a chance of making money. The content becomes very interesting to users because the website owner is not bound to write about something that they do not enjoy and the amount of traffic generated to that site also becomes very high. When a topic has been decided upon, Google looks for people who want to place their advertisements on the website and the user gets paid for it. This is among the easiest ways of making money through Google Adsense because Google manages all the clients and their adverts.

Placing an advertisement just beneath a headline on a web page generates more traffic because people are more drawn to it after they read the headline. If the advertising company is paying much money, this position would be best for placing their advertisements. The placement of the advertisements is decided by the website owner and they also get to decide the theme or color scheme that they want the adverts to come in. This makes it easier for the advertisements to blend in with the magazine and therefore not look like a classifieds page.

Another great way to ensure that a website gives the owner as much income as possible is getting the website or magazine known to people. If there is much traffic being generated to a website, the advertisements placed on that site are going to cost much more than those on a less busy website. If writing a magazine, advertisements will be place on every page so having many pages can be an advantage. The possibilities of making money on Google Adsense are almost endless.

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