You know, making money online is not as easy as many of the so called gurus will tell you – I have found to my own cost that what most of the gurus are telling us is simply not true. I believed them to start with … I really believed them and I like many other people thought making money online was simply a matter of purchasing their products, acting on their recommendations and I would make lots of money!

But that didn’t happen – after a while I spent so much money purchasing products with nothing to show for it I was truely shocked when I added it all up.

However I didn’t want to give up, I knew it was possible to make a living online because others were doing it and I actually had started to make some money. Although not enough to quit my day job it was enough to realise that it was afterall achievable – thank goodness!

I have tried and tested virtually everything, Social Marketing, Adsense, Article Marketing, Pay Per Click, creating my own product, drop shipping, ecommerce, Amazon, eBay, CPA offers etc… I was a compulsive serial buyer! Well I do still buy stuff I have to admit … But the difference is that now I’m making a decent living from my online activities.

I’m now a happy internet marketer and you can be too icon smile About Brendan Dobbeson

Now with this blog, I want to share my success with you and take you by the hand and show you the way that leads to your own financial independence too.

Very soon I hope you will be able to quit your day job, like I did myself.

Finally I want you to know that I’m here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any particular questions I can help you with!

Brendan Dobbeson